If your looking for a new Repair Shop , one that will treat you fair and look out for your best interest, look no further....  


We have become known as a hidden Gem in Plano, Texas...


Our Reviews on Yelp and google say it all....


We got into this business because we were sick of being taken advantage of when it comes to Auto Repair.  


Repairing each vehicle as if it was our own has made us very popular around town. We have customer's that come as far as Arlington, Texas to have us service their vehicle's.

We don't have street visibility so we go that extra mile to make your experience as painless as possible and make you a customer for life.  This is an Owner operator business that cherishes its customers...

No one likes to spend money on Auto Repair, little less on repairs that are unnecessary and over priced.   If it's not needed, rest assured its not gonna be recommended.


All of our customers are treated like friends, and we promise to have your best interest in mind. 


Over-head cost and Greed are the two main reasons for high priced Auto Repair.  Therefore we have got them all beat! 


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